(New Delhi, July 2008)

Clothes have a tendency of performing in different ways when the environment they are worn in changes. I’ve always known this was true for my t-shirts that always seemed to get shorter on visits to India. A few years ago my husband hung his banyan  (vest, singlet… whatever you call them in your country) up on the closet door in our room in Delhi. It was summer, the fan and the air conditioner was on. The banyan did a dance for us. We were captivated….

Over the past few years I have been working on a book on fashion in India… Its funny how familiar ground turns unfamiliar when you have to couch it in articulate sentences. It would be so easy if I could take a photocopy of my brain and send it to the publisher…. its all there… with a nice gota border on it.

Here’s hoping I have more to say than empty clothes pegs!