Growing up in an Army family meant that I covered a lot of ground in India from a young age. A love of drawing and customizing my Barbie doll led me to study fashion at NIFT in Delhi (India) and later in the UK. Since then I have taught Fashion Design in New Zealand and the US with frequent lectures on Indian fashion across the globe. My artworks, which explore identity and migration, have been exhibited in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, the Netherlands and India.

“Home” for me is a complex notion, though on some level it will always be India. I write on the subject of Indian tastes and clothing (fashion), dabble in mix media drawings and take photographs when opportunity strikes.

I currently hold the position of Associate Professor in Fashion Design at DAAP, University of Cincinnati, from where I continue to pursue research and creative practice around Indian fashion plus global and local identity. I am also the fashion writer/contributor for Arts Illustrated magazine (Chennai).

My book Indian Fashion: Tradition, Innovation and Style has recently been published by Bloomsbury Academic (2014 / 2015).

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